Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Samples of my work over the past nine years.

"Yellow Pitcher" ~ Pittsburg Art Museum

McCloud Castle Scotland 2008~ owners Jeff and Letha Johnson

"Pansies in Spring" ~

"White Pitcher with Blue Vase and Red Grapes" 16 x 20 ~ Sold Frame Up Art Gallery

Painting a Monet from small picture. Original was close to this same size. MG
November 2008

Owner Donna Pilgrim
Plein Aire Patty Pilgrims small portion of her back yard Fall 2006
Retouched Fall 2008

"My Mothers Creamer with Pink Rose" 2008 6x8

This is typically how I set up to paint a "Still Life."
"White Pottery with Pears" 12x16" 2008

"Blue Eggs" 8x 10

"Turnips and Celery Stalk" 5x7
Sold ~ Frame-up Mt Vernon Texas

"Bundle of Onions, Turnips with Copper
Bowl and Pitcher" 16x 20
Done at workshop with Jo Anna Arnett

(Double click on image above to view larger)
"Portrait of My Daughter~ Rachel" 16x 20

"Tea Pot with Dogwood Twig" 8x10"
My first painting to win a ribbon. 2001 MPAS

"Daffodils in Blue" 16x20 Picked from my backyard before the big freeze.

"Persimmons and Copper Pitcher" 16x 20
Lucy Ellis gave me much encouragement and instruction on this painting.

"Pears, Red Grapes, and Goblet" ~ Sold~ Frame Up At Gallery

"Candy Stripe Camellias in Glass Bottle" 8x 10
(Gift for My Mother)

"Still Life Portrait" 16 x 20
Done at Sherri McGraw Workshop in a few hours.

"Pansies with Fruit" 16x 20
This is my first painting of 2000 (I copied my husband's grandmother's painting. )
It was a beginning and I have loved painting with oils ever since!

"Yellow Rose of Texas in Glass Jar" 12x 16
Jo Anna Arnett taught us how to paint glass and green grapes. Great workshop!

"Blue China" 9x 12

"Yellow Pitcher, Apple and Purple Grapes" 16x 20

"Slice of Cantelope with Red Grapes"

"Green Pottery with Lemons"

"Hydrangeas and Azaleas in Glass" 16x20
MPAS Ribbon, A favorite that hangs in our den.

"Empty Nest" 9x 12 2004
Also a favorite that hangs in our den.

"Israel Melon with Red Grapes" 16x 20 Fruit bought at a local fruit stand.

This one was painted at a Jo Anna Arnett Workshop in 2003

"Hydrangeas with Lemons and Grapes" 16x 20

"Turnips with Red Onion" 9x12 2003
Jo Anna Arnett workshop. I wasn't so sure how to sign my paintings early on.

"Red Pears" 8x10 2005

"Pomegranates" 8x10 These were picked at my mothers home in Newsome, Texas.

"Soup Terrine, Onions with Salt & Pepper" 20x 24

This was fun to do and challenging. The onions were from a neighbors garden.

"Hydrangeas in White Pitcher with Nest" 16x20 Also hangs in our den.

"100 Year Old Pear Tree Fruit" 10x12 The fruit came from a friends 100 year old pear tree.
MPAS Ribbon 2002?

"Tulips in Blue Pitcher with Sugar" 18x 24 2008
Ribbon MPAS 2008

"Camellias in Blue Norwegian Pitcher with Green Apples" 10x14
(Definately a favorite) The little pitcher is from Norway,
a gift from my cousin. Our grandmother was full blood Norwegian.